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voodoo-1. by Mongoungen voodoo-1. :iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 1 1
Being strong is to hold on, keep going on.
Take another step, to leave something behind.
Being strong is to love and let go.
To be grateful, and find blessing.
To be strong is to remember, to make memories
Being strong is to watch the sunrise,
But most important, to be strong is
to love.
:iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 4 4
My mind.
You fucked up my mind,
I wrote down the words,
I screamed for years,
You whispered the word.
I whispered for long,
You were to strong.
You where the sun,
It was also fun.
There was no end,
You were the friend.
You always smiled,
I never cried.
:iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 0 0
The words I write by Mongoungen The words I write :iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 2 3
Good bye nightmare
Ones again I was searing down in an abyss full of fires that licked upon the stone walls.
What I was shearing for, I didn't know, but I had this feeling, that my heart needed some thing I dint need before. As I fall down in the hungry fires, I cud hear they whispered for food. Meat, human flesh to eat. And I didn't care if I was that food, because I wanted to find that thing so badly, that death was the only wall between me and this unknown thing.  And when I begin to see the end of this abyss, many hands take's me and hold me safe from the weary end.  I never see the faces of my saver's… And actually it is okay, because dead souls don't have any faces, which are worth to remember.  And so I scream, they scream. In the end, when my lungs can't scream any more, the only thing I can hear is the crying, the screaming, as the screaming is strangling me. And then I'm awake.
My eyes were wide open, and pure little salty tears dripped down on my cute little
:iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 1 2
-Little girl- by Mongoungen -Little girl- :iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 0 0
Sweet rain
I wish rain was blood, I want that tears from God himself.
How long will the angel's cry, so we can rest a moment?
Tears of God are precious, like pure purls they clean the earth and make it all clean.
The blood is fading away, so soaked the earth is, and still he bless us with mercy.
Purls of God come and make the souls pure ones again.
The rain will, make all bad memories drown tonight.
Sweet rain, purl's of life.
:iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 1 0
Snow :D by Mongoungen Snow :D :iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 1 0 Little girl by Mongoungen Little girl :iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 2 4 Love you by Mongoungen Love you :iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 2 4 Hiposky by Mongoungen Hiposky :iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 0 0
End of the melody.
And so the melody ends, and the dream break.  Tears can not bring it back, never.
The wonderful dream of those who made it come alive, it is all just a lie.
For the hearts that tasted this sweet happiness, and danced with the fire side by side in the melody of glory, it's over.   It's hard, the surface of reality, and leave it all behind. This is the true of dreams, and the melody that ends.
:iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 1 0
Light shine. by Mongoungen Light shine. :iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 2 1
Somewhere in the distant,
the path of life begin.
:iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 1 0
For everything that we did,
For the thing's we didn't do.
For the sins that we made, and the lies
We spread.
The shame will follow,
Tear us apart,
Broke our hearts,
Spread lies,
Like we did.  
For the childish way to act,
For the easy path to choose,
For dancing with the fire.
For everything that we did,
For the thing we didn't do.
For the sins that we made, and the lies
We spread.
Take your time,
The shame it self,
Is a greater punishment as
The time passes by.
:iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 0 0
tick, tock, tick, tock. by Mongoungen tick, tock, tick, tock. :iconmongoungen:Mongoungen 0 2


MINE...  Madara-Deidara-Itachi by Madara-Nycteris
Mature content
MINE... Madara-Deidara-Itachi :iconmadara-nycteris:Madara-Nycteris 352 205
Short Moment Of Love by Eun-su
Mature content
Short Moment Of Love :iconeun-su:Eun-su 998 131
good energy by imabro good energy :iconimabro:imabro 77 61 Hidan Kakuzu sleeping by Fukari Hidan Kakuzu sleeping :iconfukari:Fukari 3,296 512
Breathe unwilling star
In the heat tearing light
And the fallacy unspoken
When man is more than man
And the sun is shattered
Among the tree tops
Falling is more than a broken wing
Breathe unwilling star
Running through my fingers
This wind
And I am everything
When I am more to man
And this life unspoken
And the sun rises up
When broken.
:iconvertigo84:Vertigo84 8 2
spirit within
"Awaken." A disembodied voice whispered into my ear.  Immediately I opened my eyes, and found myself in a room covered in mist. I rubbed my eyes thinking it was just an illusion and that it would go away. "Do you know who I am?" the voice asked.
"No" I said as if I just woke from a dream
"For a child to who claims to know who he is you, really don't know anything about yourself." The voice retorted.
"If you know me then what's my name?"
"Your name is James Thomas Woodham, you were born March 18 1993, your favorite animal is the gray wolf, you always try to do the noble and right thing in life, however deep inside you feel a pain that you don't understand and try to ignore it as if it wasn't there and sometimes you take that pain and take it on yourself, you also long for a freedom you know you will never have." The voice answered.
My heart skipped a beat no one not even my family had ever been that accurate when describing who I was.  "Just who the hell are you?" I
:iconcheif15:cheif15 11 34
Someday My Prints Will Come by SilentPlea Someday My Prints Will Come :iconsilentplea:SilentPlea 1,805 625
It's me I miss.
I stayed up all night praying,
Begging these thoughts to disappear.
I couldn't take the silence anymore,
I had to let it all go.
Why'd you have to leave me this way?
I use to think it was your love I needed,
Once believed you were my everything.
I missed you like I'd miss the rain.
I sucked in deep for oxygen,
To find, it wasn't you that filled me up.
As I lay in this bed,
Empty and alone.
I close my eyes to realize,
It wasn't you I missed.
It was myself that I longed to kiss.
The person that made me who I was,
The me, who lived these eighteen years.
The one who'd been walkin' on these two feet -
- all this time,
For it was me, who I missed being with.
To You I cry out to, Oh Lord.
Make me be who I once was,
The one who lived so faithfully.
Help me see what you meant me to be.
Show me just what I did wrong,
So I can turn from this.
The thing thats turned Your daughter away.
The one that made me miss the person You treasured so,
Oh Father, help me.
So You can love me again....
:iconchristianonfire7:Christianonfire7 52 46
SasuSaku - Sweet moment by kivi1230 SasuSaku - Sweet moment :iconkivi1230:kivi1230 1,361 151 Garden Again by shirly90 Garden Again :iconshirly90:shirly90 163 78 The Argonath by touchedbyred The Argonath :icontouchedbyred:touchedbyred 1,066 101 Epic Chaos colored by Liza88 Epic Chaos colored :iconliza88:Liza88 60 53 Hell's Butler by punkypeggy Hell's Butler :iconpunkypeggy:punkypeggy 1,763 315
this isn't a prayer.
i love, but i am not.
and now the wind is screaming
and the lights are dimming
and i am losing
over and over and over
and i just don't know anymore,
but God,
i want to fall in love with a poet,
because maybe then
i'd learn to listen when i'm spoken to
and not just keep shouting to no one,
and maybe then
i'd learn to be listened to for once, too.
but God,
we're dying -
             they're lying.
he's denying -
             she's justifying.
and i
oh, i
i'm just losing
my mind.
and now
they probaby think i'm crazy,
but love, i just need you
to be proud of me.
so please,
watch over me
and hush the screams
and kill these dreams
because i
i need to breathe
and i
to be free.
:icontheresambraun:theresambraun 26 36
Linneus and Atros by teahousecomic Linneus and Atros :iconteahousecomic:teahousecomic 1,185 84


:iconu-r-iu: :iconlrainbow: :iconchr1stiania: :iconnecrius: :iconk3rm1: :iconteatolunch: :iconjovienaje: :iconnight-of-blood: :iconxdiamonx:



Dose my age interest you?
Properly not, let’s skip that part…
I’m normally a happy and positive person by nature.
I have lived in Norway my hole life, and not seen much of the world, but a bit.

I love to draw, only sad that my inspiration isn’t there when I want it to be there…
So I’m sorry if it takes long time, before I do something. I also like to write poems, and yes I’m emo, and proud of my self for being that.
Sad for you, if you really want to hate me because of that.
Fantasy, Manga, Yaoi, emotions, politics, gore and philosophy is stuff I’m interested in and love to use time on.

Don’t know what els to write, except that my English really such.

Favourite genre of music: Rock, punk
Favourite style of art: Manga,Gore,fantasy
  • Listening to: Cellar Door - Escape The Fate
  • Reading: Phenomena 6
  • Drinking: Tea
First I will tell you that on the 17,
it is  Norways national day. Hurray! :la:

In 1814 on Eidsvoll, we got our constitution.
And they choosed Christian Frederik to be the king of Norway.

Here is a photo from Oslo, when ppl is walking to the castle to say ''Hello'' to the king :dummy:…
As you can se ppl is Happy, happy happy!

Much ppl, singing, ice :la: etc, a wonderful day to celebrate!

18 may, my class and another ( 1 year older)
is going to Riga in Latvia. :D
We will come home 22 may.

SO, what are we going to DO?

* watch the arkitektur
* take photos.
* shoping
* Look at the old town

Dont remebre the other stuff...
If some one of you out there have been there or know something about Riga, who you would recommend pleas coment!
And maybe we will take a look :D

Hope I got some good photos, so I can subit it on DA :D



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